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Spell check function-[AS] July 31, 2006

Posted by matzo in actionscript.
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Hi everyone,

this month I’m brainstorming about a function to return what’s fault between two words.
For example between sitting and kitten. The difference is ‘s’ changing in ‘k’, the second ‘i’ changing in ‘e’, and removing the ‘g’ from the word.
The reason why I am brainstorming about it is because it’s a monthly on http://www.flashfocus.nl.
It’s quite tricky, because it’s hard to get what’s fault, with the least possible faults e.g. if you have ‘sitting’ and ‘sitdting’, you can say that dtin must be changed to ting, and that the ‘g’ must be removed. But you can have less faults by just removing the ‘d’.

If I get some more idea’s or if you have some idea’s, post them!!